Back Care Tips While Working From Home

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread throughout the United States, many Americans are taking advantage of the opportunity to work at home while socially isolating from their coworkers. However, the office setup you have in your house is unlikely to be similar to the one provided to you in the office so this change may bring with it health concerns such as back issues. Back pain is not fun, but using these chiropractic tips can help you reduce the pain's impact until you return to working at your office.

Assess Your Work Station

Firstly, you must take a closer look at your at-home working area to identify any obvious reasons why you are experiencing back pain. Obvious issues include:

  • using a hard-backed kitchen table chair instead of an ergonomically designed office chair
  • your table being low so you hunch over it rather than sitting at a height where your eyes can look straight ahead onto your monitor

These can be easily fixed with objects you have at home. If you are looking down at your monitor rather than directly at it, then raise the monitor by placing the base of it on telephone directories. You can also buy a monitor stand at your local stationery store. If the kitchen chair is not comfortable and you cannot purchase a replacement, then roll a towel lengthways and place it behind your lower back to act as lumbar support while you work.

Remember To Move

When working in an office, you move around a lot more than when you are at home. This is because the distance between your desk and the office kitchen and office toilets is greater than what you experience at home. Plus, you have the additional movement of getting from the transport station or car park to your office and this is not done at home either. Therefore, when working from home it is important to remember to get up and move around. If you have difficulty remembering to do it, set an alarm to get up every 60 minutes and use that time to walk and stretch for five minutes before you settle back at the desk.

Visit Your Chiropractor

The minute you notice back pain it is advisable to make an appointment with your chiropractor to prevent the situation from deteriorating into a long-term issue. Your chiropractor uses massage and manipulation to soothe the immediate back distress. They can then help you with a series of exercises to strengthen your back muscles and also recommendations on your home office layout to ensure your back pain quickly becomes a thing of the past. Contact a chiropractic center today to learn more.