3 Tips For Reducing Sleep Induced Back And Neck Pain

Do you wake up in the morning with your back or neck aching? Many people have trouble with back and neck pain in the morning, especially as they age, but it's not something you have to take lying down. Follow some of these tips to help relieve the discomfort you feel each morning. 

1. Get a different pillow designed for your sleep position. 

One of the reasons why you could have neck pain from sleep is because your pillow is not supportive of your sleeping position. If you sleep on your side, your pillow needs more height in order to keep your neck aligned with the rest of your spine. If you sleep on your back, your pillow should have minima; height. If your pillow is too high or too full, your neck is propped at an unnatural angle which makes for a sore, stiff morning. If you sleep on your stomach, this means your head is always turned to the side. You might not use a pillow at all, or you might use a pillow under your chest to help take some of the twisting pressure off your neck and upper back. 

2. Try to keep your spine aligned. 

Next, you need to find a way to keep your spine aligned. Supportive mattresses cradle your pressure points while giving support to your neck and lumbar spine. However, if you don't have a very good mattress, you need to do some finagling to give your spine the alignment it needs. if you lay in your back, you can relieve some of the pressure on your lower back (through the natural curve of your spine) by putting a small pillow under your knees. If you lay on your side, try putting a pulling between your legs to help improve your hip alignment and decrease the pulling pressure on your spine. 

3. See your chiropractor for an adjustment. 

Your chiropractor can also help with lingering neck and back pain. Sometimes, the best mattress and pillow in the world won't help if you have subluxations in your spine. If you find that you have the same kind of pain each day or that the pain lingers even after a stretch in the morning, see if the real cause of your pain is actually a misalignment. Your chiropractor can help set you right and even give suggestions on sleep positions and pillows to provide better support. 

Contact a provider, like Eric Schmetterling DC, for more help with your back pain.