Benefits Of Massage Therapy During Pregnancy

While pregnancy is an exciting time for many women, the entire process can be difficult on a woman's body. In addition, pregnancy can be a very emotional time. There are several ways for pregnant women to cope with the discomfort that is often associated with pregnancy. Massage therapy during pregnancy can be very beneficial for women. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of regular prenatal massages:

Reduce Anxiety

It is not uncommon for women to be anxious during pregnancy. Impending thoughts about the labor itself, being responsible for a new life, and how things may change after the baby arrives can be very stressful. Massages performed by a massage therapist who has advanced training in prenatal massage can go a long way in helping reduce a woman's anxiety and inducing relaxation. 

Provide Relief from Muscle Aches

A woman's body changes drastically during pregnancy and her entire center of gravity shifts as her stomach grows, so it is not surprising that muscle aches and sore backs are a very common complaint for pregnant women. Regular prenatal massages can help relieve muscle aches and sore backs, allowing a pregnant woman to feel more like herself and go about day-to-day activities without discomfort.

Combat Sciatica

As a baby grows, it can put a lot of pressure on the muscles in a woman's back, resulting in sciatica, a condition that causes nerve pain. While not all women experience sciatica during pregnancy, those that do know that it can be extremely uncomfortable or even painful. An experienced prenatal massage therapist will be able to relieve tension in the back muscles and remove knots, and in some cases, this can greatly reduce sciatica pain.

Increase Circulation

Most women know that swelling during pregnancy is extremely common. In many cases, swelling is caused by reduced blood circulation, which allows fluids to pool in joints and soft tissue. Regular massages during pregnancy can increase blood flow, which promotes the soft tissue and joints to carry the excess fluid into the body's lymph system for removal.

Improve Quality of Sleep

When a woman is pregnant, especially towards the end of the second trimester and the whole third trimester, getting a good night's rest can be very difficult. Since massages promote relaxation and reduce discomfort and pain associated with pregnancy, it can make it much easier for a pregnant woman to get the quality sleep that she really needs.