Ways To Deal With Your Skin Peeling During A Massage

Of all the places that people get massaged, the back is one of the most common areas. This means that if you've booked a massage appointment, there's a high probability that you'll find yourself lying face down while your massage therapist kneads your back muscles for relaxation and pain relief.

A back massage is highly pleasurable, but you may begin to fret when you feel your skin peeling a little. First of all, don't worry — this is something that happens to many people, and it's not going to upset your massage therapist. The feeling of the small peels of skin rolling around your back may not be overly pleasant to you, though, so here are some ways to prevent this from happening again during your next therapeutic massage.

Don't Book A Massage After Burning

The idea of having a massage on your summer vacation might be highly appealing, but if that vacation includes visiting the beach or any other activity that may result in sunburn, you could be looking at your skin peeling during the subsequent treatment. You can approach this situation in one of two ways. You can either avoid getting a massage at any time that you may have some sunburn, or you can take special care to keep your skin healthy. This can include wearing a shirt at the beach, using sunscreen, or otherwise limiting your exposure to the sun.

Exfoliate Before Your Treatment

Another strategy that you can use to avoid the sensation of your skin peeling during the massage is to exfoliate your back — and any other areas in which this might be an issue — in advance of your session. There are plenty of exfoliating scrubs on the market that include small granules to scrape off dead skin. Additionally, rubbing your back with a brush or some other manner or lightly abrasive device can remove the dead skin and leave your back ready for your treatment.

Avoid Sweating

Some people find that their skin is more apt to peel when they've sweat. The solution to this problem, thus, is to avoid activities that cause you to sweat before your massage appointment. For example, if you often bike to work and then bike straight to your therapist's clinic, you may wish to instead take the bus on days that you have massages booked. Trying to keep your sweating to a minimum is also ideal because of the fact that it's poor massage client etiquette to be sweaty and strong smelling at an appointment.