Techniques For Managing Blurry Vision After A Car Accident

Changes to your vision are just one type of injury that you can commonly experience in a car accident, especially if it occurred at a high rate of speed and you endured a whiplash movement. A chiropractor, like those at Physical Rehabilitation Centers, can be an asset in helping you deal with your blurred vision, which is likely the result of nerve impingement in your neck from the whiplash motion. In the days prior to your assessment and treatment, and even in between chiropractic appointments if multiple sessions are needed, it's important for you to effectively and safely manage your blurry vision. Here are some techniques that you can use.

Get Lots Of Rest

When your vision is blurry, it's common for you to feel tired quickly. Don't push yourself in the days leading up to your chiropractic appointment. The more you do, the more your eyes may feel strained, as they're having to work harder than usual to compensate for the structural issue that the car accident caused and that your chiropractor will be fixing. Don't be afraid to take as much rest as you need. This may include taking time off work, but doing so is advisable to get through this challenging issue.

Avoid Electronic Stimuli

When your vision is already blurry as a result of your car accident, you want to avoid the things that could exacerbate it. For many people, electronic stimuli — watching TV, using the computer, and using a smartphone or a tablet — are part of everyday life, but you should endeavor to limit your use of such things, as they can tire out your eyes and make you feel worse until you're able to visit the chiropractor to have the issue addressed. Try to limit your use of these devices as much as you can; your chiropractor may even recommend that you avoid them after your first adjustment.

Stay Away From Things That Affect Your Vision

When you already have blurry vision, you don't want to make things worse, as you could trip and fall and sustain an injury — which would be doubly troublesome, given that you've already been injured in a car accident. Don't drink alcohol, for example, because of its ability to affect your vision. You should also be wary about the use of medication, which can often contribute to side effects such as dizziness. Always consult your doctor, however, before discontinuing any prescription medication. By managing your blurry vision in this manner, you'll be feeling your best by the time you can visit a chiropractor to fix the problem.