Is It Taking Too Long To Recover From Your Last Mud Run? 3 Signs That Your Neck Pain Needs Chiropractic Care

Getting down and dirty is just part of being a weekend warrior, and your last mud run was a total success. Participating in charity events always makes you feel good, but this last one left you with some lingering pain that your normal recovery strategies just can't seem to treat. Unfortunately, injuries are common during these types of events, and it is possible that you have a strain or other back injury that isn't obvious at first glance. As you consider your next plan of action, check for these signs that your neck pain should be addressed by a chiropractor that can get you back in shape before the next big event.

Your Neck Feels Stiff

You expect to feel a little soreness and stiffness right after you run a marathon. However, you should be concerned if you cannot turn your neck fully to the right or the left. When your neck is too stiff to move, it can mean that you have strained a muscle or ligament. Alternatively, one of the vertebrae in your spine might have shifted. A chiropractor will be able to identify the underlying cause for the neck pain and stiffness so that you can receive the right type of treatment.

Your Symptoms Travel

Sometimes, you may think that you have several different injuries, but they are all connected to the same spot. Be wary of any neck pain that is also accompanied by pain in your wrists or fingers. Certain nerves in your arms and hands are connected to those in your neck. A pinched nerve in the neck area can sometimes send pain signals elsewhere in the body, and these will continue until you address the main source of the injured nerve.

Your Pain Medicine Isn't Working

Over-the-counter pain medications should be used according to the manufacturer's directions or your physician's instructions. When pain begins to increase to the point that these no longer work, then it is important to seek the advice of a person who specializes in spinal injuries. Often, a chiropractor can use natural strategies such as gentle manipulation of the spine and its associated tissues to help relieve your pain.

Serious mud runners often start training shortly after completing their event, and you know that taking too much time off only makes it harder to get back on track with your workout regimen. While no one likes to deal with an injury, treating yours right away is the best way to ensure that you can continue to trek through the mud in future events.