Avoid These Activities Immediately After You’ve Been In A Car Accident

Being in a car accident can leave you preoccupied with getting your vehicle fixed, especially if you weren't seemingly injured. However, you should also be thinking about your physical health, even if you don't feel in pain at the moment. It's possible that the impact of the collision could have harmed your body in a way that you haven't yet noticed — but that may soon be apparent if you perform certain activities. It's a good idea to visit a chiropractor for an assessment after your incident, and to avoid these activities that may make the nature of your back injury apparent.


Yoga is generally a good activity for long list of reasons, but one of the concerns of this practice is that it puts your body into some challenging postures. If you have sustained a back injury in your car accident but not been aware of the injury, you may head to your regular yoga class to get limbered up. However, as you shift your body in various positions, you may notice a sudden surge of pain that has arisen as a result of moving your already compromised spine.

Lifting Heavy Objects

If you're not aware of a back injury that you sustained in your car accident, the last thing that you want to do is lift something heavy. Lifting a heavy object can threaten even a healthy back, but when your back is already in bad shape from your collision — even if you aren't aware of the issue — the strain that your body endures when you lift something heavy may be enough to dramatically shift your spine out of alignment. It's best to avoid this sort of physical exertion until you're able to see a chiropractor.

Intense Physical Exercise

A car accident can be highly stressful, which could compel you to turn to an activity that you commonly use to return stress. Exercise can definitely reduce the stress that you've experienced as a result of the collision, but the impact of this activity could also aggravate a back injury that you don't know you have. Intense exercises such as running and step aerobics, for example, jostle your body considerably. The concern is that they can cause further misalignment of your spine. It's best to avoid any of these activities immediately after your car accident until you're able to have a chiropractor assess you and determine that you're OK to proceed.

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