2 Natural Remedies To Help You Treat Your Anxiety

When the stressors in your life become overwhelming and hit you all at once, they can trigger your body and mind to respond in a negative manner. Results of this physical and mental stress overload can result in your having anxiety, manifesting as symptoms, such as irregular heart beat, loss of appetite, negative thoughts, fear, restlessness, and aggression. There are many types of medication you can try to treat the symptoms, or you can try some natural and herbal remedies. Here is some information about two types of natural remedies to help you feel better and treat your anxiety:


Treating your anxiety with acupuncture is becoming a more popular treatment today, especially with the side effects medication taken to treat anxiety can cause. When your body has become overly stressed, which causes anxiety, the metabolic functions and chemical reactions in your body can become disrupted.

With the use of acupuncture, the needles inserted in various and specific areas of your body restore the flow of energy through your body which has become disrupted from your anxiety and stress. This restoring the flow of energy restores the balance in your body for it to have proper metabolic functions and chemical reactions. And acupuncture actually slows your body's production of stress hormones.

Talk to a local acupuncture practitioner to find out about starting treatment for your anxiety. It is common for you to see results after the first session, then as you continue to get treatment, your results can improve.

Drink Tea

Drinking a warm drink is a good way to relax your mind and body to help reduce your stress and anxiety. But, when you make it a chamomile or kava tea, the benefits can increase.

Chamomile contains the chemicals apigenin and luteolin, and when taken on a daily basis will actually reduce the most serious symptoms of anxiety. For a quicker and temporary relief in your anxiety, you can try drinking a kava tea, which is made from grinding up the kava root. The kava root contains kavalactones, which have been shown to help you relax your mind and reduce the signals in your brain that causes you to worry. The kava relaxes your mental activity to help you calm down while helping to elevate your mood without being addictive.

You can find both chamomile and kava tea at most health food stores, herbal suppliers, and at many grocery stores next to other types of teas.