Things to Rule Out Before You Take Your Child to the Chiropractor for Headache Relief

If your child frequently suffers from headaches, you may struggle with finding a solution. You might be reluctant to continue to give your child medication, but you also don't want to see him or her suffer. While there are many potential causes of headaches, a misalignment of the spine may be a potential culprit. In this scenario, taking your child to the local chiropractic clinic for an assessment and one or more adjustments may make the headaches a thing of the past.

Before you book an appointment, however, it's useful to narrow down the likelihood that a spine issue could be to blame. Here are some things to rule out first.

Allergic Reactions

Many children suffer from headaches as a result of allergic reactions. While severe reactions may lead to dangerous symptoms, mild allergies may simply result in a headache. Try to note when your child complains of having headaches.

For example, if he or she often does so after lunch, it's time to evaluate what the child usually eats to see if any of the food may be a concern. Some people get headaches as a result of eating refined foods, so you'll want to remove these items from your child's diet and see if doing so makes a difference.


Headaches are a common symptom of dehydration, so try to evaluate how much your child is drinking on the days that he or she complains of headache pain. Children may favor fruit juice and even soft drinks, but they should also be drinking water consistently for proper hydration. If a child eats a diet high in sodium, the risk of dehydration may be increased. Encourage your child to drink water upon getting a headache, and then see if doing so reduces the discomfort.

Sports Injury

If your child is active in sports, it's possible that he or she may develop headaches as a result of competing. For example, heading the ball in soccer, being tackled in football, or even having a fall in gymnastics all have the potential to generate a headache. This doesn't necessarily mean that you shouldn't see your chiropractor, though, as an injury may put the spine out of alignment.

In some cases, you may wish to take the child to the doctor or even the emergency room if there appears to be a significant injury. In that setting, the doctor may be able to suggest that whiplash or another type of issue has occurred, which could then compel you to seek chiropractic care.

There might be other reasons why your child is getting a headache. If you've ruled out the easy stuff, then consider taking your child to the doctor or chiropractic services like Gerleman Chiropractic Office.